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Webinar Recording Overview

Qualified Small Business Stock, or QSBS, is eligible for a tax exemption that frees early shareholders from paying federal (and some state) taxes on long-term capital gains upon selling their shares. The tax break applies to up to $10 million (or 10 times your cost basis, whichever is greater) from federal taxes. The catch is that not all small businesses qualify for QSBS. There are very specific criteria as to how the company is set up.

Additionally, the QSBS tax benefit for investors is even more critical in a volatile market. In this recording of a recent “Ask Me Anything” online forum, our panel of an experienced tax attorney, a tax accountant, VC CFO and a fund advisor addressed many questions such as:  

  • Nuances of QSBS holding periods
  • How a carried interest is considered in eligiblity
  • What to consider in follow-on rounds to maintain QSBS tax exclusion


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Our Panelists

Lindsay Chammings

Managing Director

Ryan Gaglio


Matt Parker


Braughm Ricke 

Founder & CEO