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Investor Roundtable: Surviving a Down Market

Webinar Recording Overview

Over the past decade, investors have seen continuous year over year growth in deal flow, valuations and number of exits. As the Covid-19 pandemic forces our economy to change, we may be facing the start of a downturn — an event many emerging fund managers have never experienced. During our roundtable webinar with experienced entrepreneurs, operators and investors we’ll explore topics including:  

  • Raising and deploying capital in a down market    
  • What markets to focus on in a down market and how it affects investment decision making    
  • How to allocate funding strategically
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Our Panelists

Kelsey Chase

President & Co-Founder

Dan Goldsmith

CEO, Advisor, Investor, Board Member  

Sarah Imbach

Angel Investor, Advisor, Entrepreneur

Lokesh Sikaria 

Entrepreneur, Founder